Friday, September 4, 2009

Fertilizer Friday ~ Flaunting those September Flowers!

It's Fertilizer Friday! Time to fertilizer our plants indoors and out, and post pictures of what's growing for us. This meme is hosted by Tootsie Time - make sure you stop by to link in, or to find links to other participants.

It has been hot here all week - we've finally gotten summer weather right when fall is starting. Some of my plants look a little limp from the heat, but they're doing just fine.

I actually have some never-before seen blooms this week - yay! My morning glories, sweet peas, and sunflowers have all started blooming just within the last week or so.

Pretty purple and white morning glories

Here you can see how they're growing up my sunflower stalks

This variety has been self seeding since 2006. They pop up wherever they feel like it.

More morning glories, white this time

A few lovely deep pink/burgundy sweet peas

Told ya it was hot! Sun beating down on the sunflowers

Many sunflower pictures to follow

You can see how lush the veggies all got by the end of the summer

Beans still for the picking

Snapdragons looking limp, but they have filled in nicely and are just starting another round of blooms

That's what's happening at the School of Yard Knocks this hot September afternoon. What's going on in your garden today?