Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Showers bring ... May snow flurries

It's kind of hard to get excited about digging your hand through fresh dirt, or putting your tomato seedlings out when there's snow coming down. Yes, I know all the arguments: "At least it's moisture"; "It won't stay very long"; "Well this is Saskatchewan after all". Still, it puts a bit of a damper (ba da dum!) on my outdoor work.

The Weather Network says that it's supposed to be seasonably warm this weekend (daily highs of 17/18C - 63/64F). But it also says there is a chance of snow again on Tuesday May 19th.

Okay, Mother Nature, you're pushing it now.

Yes, my fuschias are safe inside; and yes, we huddle over the tiki torches for warmth ;-)


Tootsie said...

we are expecting 30cm of snow here in Alberta on Monday!!! we got this little snow the other day here too! May sucks this year!

at the cottage said...
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at the cottage said...

Ouchies, you Prairie gals are getting cold weather! We had 2 days of 29 here, but back to cooler days and way to much rain!
I hope I didn't blink and miss summer :(

Great photo Jacki, I am looking forward to watching your garden grow :)