Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rainy Saskatoon Summer

The amount of rain we are having this year has been just phenomenal.  This summer, it has been rare to go longer than 24 hours without rain, and when we do get it, we get a lot.  The pictures below are from Friday, July 2.

Thankfully, we are holding up well at the School of Yard Knocks.  I took part of my summer vacation in late May/early June, and was able to get my garden in, in between rainstorms.  Many working people were not as lucky - they didn't have the same planting window.  For others, it wasn't the endless rain, but the amount of it, puddling in their gardens, making it impossible to rototill or plant.  My aunt's seed potatoes rotted in the ground.  Another reason to be thankful for my raised beds - they drain well.

Worse still than gardening issues, many people I know have had their basements flooded.  Many have been running sump pumps continuously for more than a month. The water tables are so high, that water just keeps seeping into the basements, even when it's not raining.

My workplace was flooded in the rains of June 29/30

And the farming economy in this area has been devastated.

Other than a small leak in my roof (fixed a few weeks ago by a friend), and handling Archie's fear of thunder, we have been very lucky and I am counting my blessings.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Wow it is wet there! We had a very long wet and cool spring and start of summer. I know the farmers here are way behind on things and I'm sure it affected the nurseries as no one felt much like planting new flowers when the ground was so wet. I hope you get some dry and warm weather so you can enjoy at least the rest of summer!

Jacki said...

Hi Catherine! :-) Yup, I hope so too! The forecast for the next five days is one day sunny and four days rain, lol