Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1 ~ Veggies

One of the coolest things about keeping a garden blog (or scrapbook, or notebook, or photojournal, whathaveyou) is being able to easily compare your garden from year to year.

Skimming through my 2009 posts, I see that my beans vines weren't even at the top of the trellis on July 31; there were very few blooms and no pickable beans. And here, in 2010, I am eating fresh beans on August 1 :-)  All my veggies are coming along.

Scallop squash, still tiny, but I've never planted them before so I have no idea how fast they grow from this point

Royal Burgandy beans, ready to pick and eat!

My tiny zucchini plant, still holding its own

Sweet millions cherry tomatoes

Teeny tiny jalepeno

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