Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You know how you sometimes look at something so often that you don't even see it? Today I pulled into the garage after work and "noticed" the orange extension cord on the pile of cement bags. When I was looking for an extension cord to hook the fountain up with, I looked where the outdoor cords stay. Nada. So, I figured the only one I had was wired to the side of the house. Wrong!

I'm in the garage a minimum of four times a day. Duh.

Sometimes, though, the old grey matter does kick in a little more quickly, and I actually did a trial run with the cord, putting it down on the route I wanted to run it, and plugging it in to try it out. *lightbulb pings on* I then buried as much as I could under the gravel.

And the birdie is now spouting very prettily.


Laura said...

I love fountains! Enjoyed visiting,


Jacki said...

I would love a pond with a small waterfall feature, but didn't feel like taking on any big projects this year. In the last few years, I've painted the fence and the deck, built the raised beds, and laid sod - all by myself. I had help getting the raised beds installed and getting the soil and gravel laid down in the veggie garden area. I have lots of smaller projects to tackle this year - the herb bed, figuring out what to do with the weedy patch in my back alley, and painting my parging. The pond will just have to wait (again).

Thanks for dropping by!

Tootsie said...

I love the sound of running water! that is a cute fountain

CiNdEe said...

What a darling fountain! I have an issue with an extension cord right now. Its broke. I need it repaired or I need a new one so I can plug in my hippo spitter. The DH said he would fix, that was a week ago. I am on my way to WalMart today...(-:

at the cottage said...

What a pretty fountain! Oh, um, is that what asll those wires thingies were hanging off walls and shelves in my bunkie ;)