Monday, June 8, 2009

Veggies are UP!

It took just over a week for all my veggies to pop through the earth. Zucchini, cucumbers (left), onions, garlic, dill, snap peas, beets, pole beans, and bush beans have all germinated and are poking along. It's been cool here ... it cooled down to 15C on Thursday June 4th, and I remember because the wind was cold but I got a sunburn anyway. Since then it's been pretty cloudy with daily highs of 10-15C. Cold for this time of year and not good for the veggies. My tomato plants have a lot of yellow leaves which I believe means they aren't getting enough sun? Oh well, hopefully they won't all shrivel up and die.
Got most of my flowers planted too. I needed some more marigolds for the veggie garden (companion planting), and I couldn't resist some more pansies and allysum while I was at it. I also seem to have picked up a tub of sunflower seedlings somehow. I sowed probably 40 sunflowers by seed, so I really don't need any seedlings.
I am just weeding now and getting pretty tired of it. The yard looks great, but the veggie beds are showing weeds again, and I haven't finished weeding elsewhere yet. It just never ends.


Tootsie said...

we had snow here this weekend...a few flakes...and frost warnings every night all month...when is summer going to get to alberta????

Jacki said...

I heard about your snow - we had light hail on June 7th, but no snow here. We had two frost warnings last week, with overnight lows of 1C and 2C. Nothing actually froze, but still ... brrr ... As if our winter wasn't cold enough :P