Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

I started this blog on Mother's Day in 2009. I thought it was apt to begin on that day because my mom was an avid gardener. Her "wish list" for her birthday (May 19) and Mother's Day always included annuals. She preferred pansies and petunias and impatiens. The garden I work in now was once hers. I see her work and her vision every time I look out my backdoor. I am grateful for the tulips that pop up every spring, the massive peonies, the Chinese lanterns, the saskatoons and the raspberries, and, yes, even the chives.

My last post was in October 2009. I became overwhelmed in the fall - it felt like there was so much to do everywhere in my life. I'm sure most people feel this way from time to time - once you fall behind a little, it becomes hard to figure out how to catch up.

And, so I took a break. I didn't do much yardwork in the fall. I didn't get my winter tires put on. The dust bunnies did their magic and I missed recycling days. I didn't do a single scrapbooking page. I didn't blog here.

As I am sure is the same for everyone, once one big project is under control, everything else starts shifting into place. Things are looking up. Projects are getting done. I've started working on the yard, a little here and there. The grass is in sorry shape. The weeds are like the dust bunnies, proliferating like crazy. But, my mom's tulips and her saskatoons are blooming. Her chives are budding and the peonies are on their way. Every time I look out there, I see another reminder of my mom.

I bought a yellow rose bush (Persian Yellow) and planted it in my mom's garden today. Happy Birthday Mama Bear. I promise to keep trying my best.

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