Thursday, May 20, 2010

To-Do List: Paint the Kitchen

My summer vacation started today - yay!  I have no "vacation-y" plans.  I purposely choose my vacation days to co-incide with the busiest time of the year in the garden - late May and late Auguest.  This year, however, I planned to tackle an indoor project as well - painting my kitchen.  It was last painted by my Mom and Dad, um, twelve years ago?  It's looking grungy, and the strawberry-basket wallpaper border has really got to go.

Thanks to "someone," my plan must now become a reality.  I can't make excuses and back out.  I believe "someone" was using his little beagle paws to try to scale the counter and gain an advantage over the pizza I stupidly left sitting there.  He shredded the paint on one cupboard door, and I peeled away a little bit more.  Ironically, the green paint underneath is very close the colour I was planning to repaint.

C'est la vie.  One paint job and one beagle pedicure coming up.  On the bright side:  he didn't get the pizza.  I'll bet he's dreaming little beagle dreams about that, planning his next attempt, as I type this.

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