Friday, July 3, 2009

Flaunt your Flowers this Fertilizer Friday!

It has been a looong week and it ain't over yet.

I was on vacation last week and returned to work this week. I had hoped to have my yard projects completed before going back to work, but that did not happen. I did, however, get the last of it done on Canada Day, July 1st. Yay me!

In the midst of all this, I have tenants moving out - tenants who did not work out and who I had to ask to leave. They were not happy campers about that and it has been a stressful time. Their stuff is all gone, but they promised to clean, and the dust bunnies and inches of frost in the freezer compartment seem to indicate the cleaning isn't done. I'm not sure if they're coming back or not.

But, the garden of course, is a little oasis of pleasure. It's so peaceful and calming, the perfect place to destress. Things are motoring along out there, in no small part, I'm sure, to Fertilizer Friday. If it wasn't for Tootsie, I'd still be fertilizing just once a month.

Tootsie Time hosts Fertilizer Friday as a time for us to fertilize our plants indoors and out and post pictures of what's growing around us. Here's what's happening outdoors at the School of Yard Knocks:

Yep, they are peonies :-D

My sister came to visit on Tuesday and brought me two beautiful lily plants. I haven't planted them yet.

A little sunflower is cheering up the place.

My wave petunias are starting to kick in.

I was having trouble focussing my camera today for some reason. Sorry for the blurriness. You can see my veggie beds are coming along. I do fertilize my tomatoes, but not any of my other veggies. I'll write more about my veggies in the next few days, as soon as I find some spare time.

Don't forget to visit Tootsie Time to take part in her Fertilizer Friday meme or just to visit the other gardens participating.


Outside In said...

Your peonies are just beautiful! Happy FF!

CiNdEe said...

Happy FF to you. I am to busy this week to participate but wanted to say hi anyhow(-:
Your blooms are looking great!!!

Lauren said...

Your delicate peonies are lovely! You know I'm clueless, but can you tell me why you don't fertilize your other veggies? Happy FF to you!

Tootsie said...

hey!!! your garden is so pretty so far!!! can't wait to see them in a month! my cement mold is just an open top and bottom. I put it down, put in the cement and then lift it up and it is done. I made mine a little rough so they would not be slippery.
good luck with yours!

imjacobsmom said...

Very pretty! Your peony is a lovely variety, and your sunflower is sure a cutie! Hope you get lots of tomatoes! ~ Robyn

Jacki said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone! And, Tootsie, thanks for tip re: the flagstones. It reminded me of the lines my dad etched in to the sidewalk by the house, by dragging a corn broom across the wet cement. Aha! so that's the secret!

Lauren, I prefer to keep my veggies as organic as possible. I don't use chemical-based pesticides or herbicides in my yard at all. Part of my plant selection is based on pests - I don't plant potatoes specifically because of the potato beetles, for instance; but I do plant marigolds with hope that they will do their job as companion plants and keep pests away. I also make my own pesticides from lemon juice and cayenne pepper. I compost religiously and use leaf mold as well to add nutrients to my veggie beds. There's all kinds of other things you can do to boost your veggies and keep pests away, like epsom salts, banana peels, coffee grounds. It's just a personal choice. I can't really justify it for my tomatoes - I just cheat ;-)

Jessica said...

Beautiful blooms!

at the cottage said...

Beautiful peonies Jacki! I can smell them from here. I love the veggie beds and can hardly wait to see them when they are grown!

Great stuff.

Don't you just love blogging!