Sunday, July 12, 2009

My "No More Greenhouses" resolution hits the dust ...

So, a few weeks ago I posted a facebook status saying I was not allowed to visit any more greenhouses/nurseries/plant places. My niece left a comment, laughing at me, and saying "yah, good luck with THAT, Auntie!" Seems she knows me all too well. I've been able to resist (most) annuals at this point (with the exception of that one begonia last week, oops). But, I remembered that last year, Zellers had a blow out sale on their perennials in mid-July (that's where I got the columbine), so I decided to take a gander over there yesterday. *ahem*

I dragged home 24 plants, mostly perennials, for $2 each. This was a better price than at Early's Farm and Garden, where 4" perennials were still 3 for $12 yesterday. I know 'cause I went there too. *ahem*

I got:
4 purple coneflowers
3 painted daisies
3 hens and chicks
2 creeping charlies
6 columbine
3 St. John's wort
3 lavender
I was excited about the hens and chicks because I killed off my mom's this spring. I had to keep that part of the rock garden blocked off from the dogs, and the hens and chicks were the casualties of my blocking efforts. The creeping charlie will also go in the rock garden. I realize I have never posted about the rock garden yet, mostly because it looks so sad right now.

I've overwintered lavender before - kept it alive here in the Zone 2 boonies - through two successive winters, so I will pot these ones and hope for the best again.
And I'm NOT visiting anymore greenhouses this summer. At all.



lynn'sgarden said...

LOL! Going broke saving money! Wonderful finds though..I grow creeping jennys...what are charlies? So, your last line...Yeah, good luck with THAT! hehe!

Tootsie said...

lol!!! I make that rule every week!!! Creeping charlie grows wild here...I hate is a weed!!! If you want some seeds...hee hee...good luck with the greenhouses!

Jacki said...

Oh, I picked up creeping jennies in the same perennial sale last year, but they didn't make it through the winter. Creeping charlies are, well, they're short and creeping, hahaha They have small varigated leaves, similar in colouring to goutweed, sort of muted green and beige. They are very hardy in terms of drought and weather, and they don't seem to have a preference re: sun or shade. Perhaps that's how they made it to "weed" status in Miss Tootsie's book ;-) Send 'em on Tootsie!

RainGardener said...

I too keep saying no more and then off I go . . . last week I said my big challenge for the day is to go through the farmers market and see if I can make it without buying anything. Well it turned out to be easy cause only 1 person showed up for the market! How strange! But it sure made it easier for me to keep my word. LOL
I love Creeping Charlie and like to have at least one pot for it only then take starts for adding interest to other pots. I have a vine of solid green that keeps growing in with it and makes it look even prettier because it stays solid. I've commented on the smell and come to realize some people didn't know it smelled so great.
I also have built up a great selection of hens & chicks and sedums. They're all over the place right now but want to do a sedum garden sometime in the future. They are so fascinating and such easy maintenance.
You sure brought home a lot of great plants - and no wonder with prices like that who wouldn't.