Friday, August 28, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - Flaunt those ... Veggies?

It's Fertilizer Friday! Time to fertilizer our plants indoors and out, and post pictures of what's growing for us. This meme is hosted by Tootsie Time - make sure you stop by to link in, or to find links to other participants.

I don't have very much that is new this week. Most everything I featured last week is still going strong. One thing that I didn't include last week was one of my barrels of geraniums, and those are the only blooms I'm flaunting this week.

I am, however, flaunting some vegetables. With the exception of my regularly-sized tomatoes (which are still a frustrating shade of green), my veggies are doing well and I've been enjoying their abundance for a few weeks now.

Make sure you stop by Tootsie Time to check out all the beautiful gardens and let us know how your own blooms and growing things are doing.


Millie said...

Nice veggies...I have tomatoes, but nary a cucumber, but if it was vines I'm after, they are huge! Lots of blooms on them, but it seems they are all male.

Outside In said...

Great looking veggies! Happy FF!


Teresa said...

Your geraniums are very full. I love that pink color, and oh the veggies. Yum!

Tootsie said...

love the flowers....but those veggies are just incredible! I am not a veggie gardener...tried it once a long long while ago...almost 16 years ago...and didn't like it as are so good at it...I admire that!
thanks for linking in!

Tootsie said...

is it as hot at your house as it is here???? we hit 29 today!

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