Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Painting the Kitchen ~ Day 1

I have needed/wanted to paint my kitchen for some time now.

There are two things holding me back:  it's a BIG job, and it's the last room I haven't done anything to yet.  Sure, I hung up my own clock, added the countertop dishwasher, and put some of my own stuff in the cabinets, but otherwise, it looks pretty much exactly like my mom and dad had it.  The flip side is that it is looking pretty gungry.  The paint and arborite on the cabinets is chipped.  My foster beagle, Annie, suffered from separation anxiety, and tried to dig her way through a door frame, which is still shredded.  Just a little bit, but still, should be fixed.  I never did like the wallpaper border - a country theme of strawberry baskets and flowers.  A while back, a piece of the border became unstuck from the wall and I became obsessed with getting it off.  I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning peeling flecks of the border off the wall.  I never did get all of it off, but there is a weird white strip where part of it used to be.

So, like it or not, it's time.  I have this terrible feeling that I'm going to end up documenting this like "Painting the Kitchen - Day 34."  Please, if you're reading this, send me productive wishes!

Day 1:  I worked in the garden in the morning, had lunch, and a snuggle with Gabe n Arch.  I didn't actually get going on the kitchen until almost 2:00, but then I worked for a good 4 hours plus.  And, I boogied!  I started by hauling everything from the china cabinet into the basement; and then I moved the china cabinet into the living room.  Then the remainder of my stuff was crammed into the china cabinet or relegated to the basement.

The plan for Day 2:  Clear off the countertops, wash everything down, remove the rest of the wallpaper border.  If I'm lucky, I might start patching and sanding.

The sink area BEFORE:

The china cabinet area BEFORE:

Yay, cabinets empty!

Yay, china cabinet out of the road!

Wallpaper border, be gone!

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