Saturday, June 5, 2010

Painting the Kitchen ~ Day 5

No pictures today.  I can't find the cable to connect my camera to the computer.  I was hoping I could continue working mornings in the garden and afternoons in the kitchen, but the chaos is driving me crazy.  I am going to do a big push on the painting today and tomorrow and then will hopefully wrap up by Monday.

Where am I at?  Let's see .... Wallpaper border all stripped off; all shiny sufaces sanded down, hardware removed.  Most of the spackling is done, except for a few big spots that I've had to keep repatching, trying to even them out.  The cabinet doors and drawers all have the first coat done.  I've cut in some of the wall area.  And that's pretty much my update.  Hopefully I can find my camera cable at some point, so that I can show the colours.

I keep wondering what my mom and dad would say.  I know my mom loved her yellow kitchen.  But, it was time to paint, so I might as well have some fun with it, right?  I think they'd mostly be happy that I am just doing something.

12 July 10 Update:  I finally found my camera cord; yes, about a month after I lost it.  Hey, at least I found it!

So, pictures.

About a year ago, I had a plumbing issue, and the plumber went through my kitchen wall before realizing the pipes were actually in the bathroom.  Duh.  It seemed silly to hire someone to come and fix such a small thing, but I had no idea how to do it myself, esp. as the walls in the house are plaster (my dad was a drywaller by trade, and I helped him on many a job, but plaster I don't know).  I'm sure I did it all wrong, but I'm proud of myself all the same.  I'd say the dimensions were maybe 8ish inches by 4ish inches.  I used the waterproof gyproc, 'cause that's all I had on hand.

So, once I was all spackled up, the next thing was figuring out what to paint where.  I initially planned to paint the top part of the wall turquoise and the bottom cream.  It very quickly became apparent that the amount of cutting in between the turquoise upper wall and the cream ceiling was more cutting in than I ever want to do.  I went with turquoise on the bottom half of the wall (*wink*).  I think it was the right decision anyway ... I think the turquoise on top might have ended up being too dark; I think having the upper walls and ceiling the same colour makes the walls seem higher too.

And, so, once I got the sorted out, things started looking up.

And the first coat on the cabinets (keep in mind that the background is still yellow):

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