Monday, June 7, 2010

Painting the Kitchen ~ Day 7

Still missing my camera cable; still no pictures.

So, it seems like my plan to wrap things up by Monday was a little optimistic.  Okay, wildly optimistic.  That said, I'm trying not to be too hard on myself for taking awhile to get this done.  It's my vacation, after all.  I'm not painting 8 or 10 hours a day - I'm reading and napping and taking the dogs to the dogpark and watching a few episodes of Sex and the City every night.  And gardening; oh yes, a little of that too.

The cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and the walls up to the plate rails are turquoise (Behr's Premium Plus Ultra Spring Stream), and those are all done, with two coats on and dry.  I took all the finished cabinet doors off (scraping through about 4 layers of old paint to get to the screw slots on the hinges), so that it would be easier to paint the interiors.  Most of the rest of the kitchen will be "cream" (Behr's Premium Plus Ultra Artist's Canvas).  I have two coats of that on the walls, but only one coat on the ceiling and inside the cabinets.  I need to decide whether I'm going to do a second coat inside the cabinets or not.  It looks pretty good as is, and you won't actually see that much of it.  It's pretty clear my mom and dad only did one coat of yellow when they painted; but it still feels like cheating.  At any rate, I still have to do a second coat on the ceiling and on the cabinet fronts.  I also have to do start the insides of the drawers.

If I can do as much tomorrow as I did today, I'll have everything done except the trim.

I've been thinking a lot about Mactac lately.  Does anyone still use that?  Does anyone sell it?  Looking online, it seems like it is marketed as an adhesive, rather than as a peel and still cupboard liner.  I have some vintage wallpaper in the basement.  I wonder how it would hold up as a cupboard liner? hmmm ....

btw, it looks amazing

12 July 10 Picture Update:

Here we are with all the cupboard doors removed (and Gabe's butt in the foreground).

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